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Colombia Carbonic Maceration

Stirring up a flavor that includes wine, green grapes, lime and a yogurt aftertaste, this prized coffee is sourced from Colombia, Javier Rubio. Many world champions use CM. It’s your turn to be your own brew champ.

Ethiopia Gomoro Natural

This coffee taste of Nectarine and juicy mouthfeel. This coffee has been one of the best seller since 2020 December.

DYC Thermo Tumbler

We brought this Tumbler in so that you can enjoy our delicious coffees for a longer period. This Tumbler is designed ergonomically easy for opening. The narrow lid for easy drinking on the go. This batch is limited, so grab it fast

JURA Switzerland

Find all JURA products in our online store. Enjoy shopping!

Roasting the best coffee

With 7 years of roasting and farm sourcing experience, we bring the best coffee from the latest harvest.