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Jura Coffee Blends

Jura Coffee Blends

Curated Blends For Automatic Machines

We curated over ten different origins to bring you the best consistent coffee blends for your machines, such as JURA, WMF, Delonghi, Saeco.

We practice in-depth roasting to enhance brittleness - easy for your machine to break down for best extraction. We aim to bring out the best development of the beans without compromising the taste and outlook of the beans. With City Plus +  roast profile, expect no oily surface and no sour taste. In this blend, you will find lower acidity and a well-balanced cup, mainly curated for JURA coffee machines. For manual machines, you might want to set your grind coarser, otherwise expect extreme thick creme.

Dockyard Blend

From $18.00

Naked Espresso Blend

From $18.00

Ghost Rider l Espresso Blend

From $18.00

Sweet Monkey I Espresso Blend

From $17.10

God Father's Espresso Blend

From $17.10

Raffles Blend

From $17.00

Hotel Blend

From $16.80

Panama l Santa Clara l Renacimiento

From $20.00

Kenya l Kiriti l Murang'a County l Kayu AB

From $20.60

Geisha Blend (Automatic Machine)

From $36.00

Brazil l Carmo de Minas l Natural Process (Special promo till April)

From $12.50

Peru l Las Golondrinas l Washed Process (Promo till April only)

From $16.50

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