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Ghost Rider l Espresso Blend

melbourne coffee.jpg

We chanced upon this blend while searching for the best coffee in Melbourne. The sips conjure memories of admiring the sunset over a dockyard.


If you are looking for a blend that gives you an impression of fruit punch through milk, chocolate pudding comforts, a hint of almond paste with a torch of blueberries syrup, then look no further. This coffee is only available for home barista, with a minimum order of 1kg.


If you have a machine at home, this is a great choice to both perk you up and send comfort to your soul.

Region: Yirgacheffe
Process: Natural

Grade: 1

Region: Sitio Serra

Process: Natural



Notes: Fruit punch with milk, Chocolate pudding, Hint of almond paste with a torch of blueberries syrup. *No syrup has been added; just a description on the taste.

melbourne coffee.jpg

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