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God Father's Espresso Blend

japan coffee.jpg

This blend is created on feedback from our regulars. They miss a particular coffee expression from visits in Japan. We develop this coffee with an acidity and passion fruit level that is higher than normal. This blend embodies fruit tones, a floral candy sweetness, acidity, a chocolate body with a torch of stew fruit lingering aroma. Because this coffee cannot perform beyond dark roast , it can only accept a light espresso roast to ensure an aromatic experience.


Espresso Tip:

This coffee is best at 18-19gram, 40-50ml out.

With milk: Do not go beyond flat white as it will weaken the strength of coffee.

150-160ml cup is best. Coffee base 18-19grams, 28-32ml out.


Brazil Region 

Rwanda Region 

Papua New Guinea


Espresso Notes: Floral, Plum, Candy sweetness.

japan coffee.jpg