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Huo Shan Huang Ya 霍山黄芽 2021 Pre-Qingming Harvest

 Chinese Name 



 Huoshan County, Anhui, China

 Tea Type

 Yellow Tea

 Harvest Season

 Pre-Qingming 2021

 Tea Processing

 Picking → Withering → Drying→ Yellowing →  Kill Green → Sorting

 Recommended Brewing 

 3g to 150 ml, at 90C for 45s



Huoshan area has been a tea producing area since the Han Dynasty. In Yuan dynasty it's treated as a tribute tea to the imperial courts. It is one of the famous three yellows from Anhui province 安徽三黄

Which includes Huang Shan, Huang Ya and Huang Mei Xi (黄梅戏), a traditional opera.


Picking, the tea is picked early in the mornings when there's no rain. 

The tea is then laid flat to allow withering to reduce the moisture level of the tea. The tea is dried and allowed to ferment.

Subsequently, charcoal roasting is used to kill green and dry the tea. 

Taste Notes

Creamy, chestnuts and smooth with fragrance of orchid.