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Guatemala l Finca Los Caballitos l Washed Process

Farm:Finca Los Caballitos

Varietal:Caturra & Bourbon

Processing:Fully washed and dried on raised beds

Altitude:1,100 to 1,800 metres above sea level

Owner:Oscar and Christian Schaps

Town / City:Chajul



On Filter: Golden apricot, Caramel, Cherry Juice

On Espresso: Nectarine, Creamy Nutella 


 Coffee Roaster Opinion:

Good value for money, we chose this coffee among the other 4 Guatemala regions due to its unique golden apricot and creamy mouthfeel. There is no presence of sour tomatoes and astringency. Recommend to get this for daily consumption.


Coffee Farm:

The farm, known today as Los Cabaillitos, was originally acquired from the award-winning Finca La Perla. Coffee has been growing at La Perla since 1940 and the farm now produces over 7,000 quintiles of parchment each year. In 2007, brothers Oscar and Christian Schaps set their eyes on purchasing a farm to produce exceptional coffee for the speciality market. To others, this section of La Perla was seen as remote, undeveloped and un-inviting, but the Schaps brothers looked past these obstacles and recognised the potential of the land as a coffee-producing area. The Schaps’ bought 225 hectares, initially planting 45 hectares of Bourbon and the rest as Caturra. Since then, the Schaps brothers have also included the Marsella variety for the lowest parts of the farm, as well as recently beginning to plant some specialist geisha lots.