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Does coffee stimulate the growth of cancer cells in our body?

Does coffee stimulate the growth of cancer cells in our body?


The first thing I hear from most coffee drinkers - "They prefer their coffee dark roasted" or “I like mine medium roasted”. Many focus on the taste and most assume coffee is a health booster, in which case, it is frequently considered an antioxidant. Hence to infer coffee possibly causing cancer almost always invite aghast.  


The going assumption has been darker roasted coffee means burned coffee, which in turn means stronger coffee. This is not a good thing. Not health wise at least. 


“Research has shown that if food is burned or heated excessively then a certain group of carcinogenic substances are released which are known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)." These PAHs will circulate throughout the human body, intoxicating the bone marrow, reproductive organs and liver, as well as suppressing the immune and cardiovascular system. The intended harm is great.    <>


The burned taste in dark roast coffee is popular. For commercial reasons, even certain light roasted coffee can be burned to achieve this taste.


A quick check for burned roast includes watching out for the top and the bottom ends of the whole bean or even splotched surfaces that clued being burned. At times the taste or smell of burned coffee is detectable from drinking or grinding the coffee beans. Take note of the color of the coffee you are purchasing. From Picture 5 onwards, the color of the coffee is obviously too dark for consumption.


In the following are some coffees roasted at certain degrees from Probat.

Picture number 1 : 196 degrees Cinnamon Roast

Picture number 2 : 205 degrees New England

Picture number 3 : 210 degrees American Roast

Picture number 4 : 215 degrees City Roast

Picture number 5 : 220 degrees City Plus

Picture number 6 : 225 degrees Vienna

Picture number 7 : 230 degrees French

Picture number 8 : 235 degrees Italian



01 - 1024px-385_degrees_cinnamon_roast_coffee 196 02 - 1024px-400_degrees_new_england_roast_coffee 204

Many studies have proven that coffee, like most foods, is carcinogenic when burned. Dark roast profile like City Roast or City Plus are indeed extremely enjoyable. However, the word "dark" does not mean burned and it most certainly does not mean "strong". Most Singaporeans lean towards a medium to dark roast for their coffee. Few realized that it is light roasted coffee that gives the characteristic of its origin. A good, medium roasted cup of coffee has more body and less acidity, hence a more balanced brew. On the other hand, a dark roast gives remarkable body but subtle flavor - zero character of its origin.


In short, coffee can either hurt the human body or provide healthy antioxidants while assuring an amazing taste. A good dark roast taste can be healthy too! Choose your coffee and master roaster wisely.

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