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Does coffee stimulate the growth of cancer cells in our body?

Does coffee stimulate the growth of cancer cells in our body?


The first thing I heard from most coffee drinkers were, "They like their coffee dark roasted" or “I like mine Medium roasted.” But truly, have you ever thought about, will the roast itself stimulate the growth of the cancer cells in our body?


As some of us would have thought, having darker roasted coffee = burnt coffee = stronger coffee? To tell you the truth, it doesn’t work that way.


“Research has shown that if food is burnt or heated excessively then a certain group of carcinogenic substances are released which are known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Once these substances have been consumed by the individual via the burnt food then they also travel into the intestines and other organs of the human body via the process of blood circulation. In such cases, these polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons not only cause cancer but also tend to increase toxicity of bone marrow, suppression of the immune system, reproductive toxicity, liver toxicity as well as cardiovascular toxicity.” <>


Though some popular dark roast coffees taste burnt, dark roasted coffee doesnt have to be burnt but highly chance it will be, depending on the roast while certain light roasted coffee can be burnt too.


Do watch out for the top and the bottom ends of the whole bean or even splotched surface, you will see of certain beans when it is not properly roasted or simply burnt. At times you can also taste or smell burnt coffee just simply drinking or grinding the coffee beans. Kindly take note of what coffee you are brewing before purchasing a pack home. From Picture 5 onwards you can see that the coffee is going through darker then normal dark tone.


In the following are some coffees roasted at certain degrees from Probat.

Picture number 1 : 196 degrees Cinnamon Roast

Picture number 2 : 205 degrees New England

Picture number 3 : 210 degrees American Roast

Picture number 4 : 215 degrees City Roast

Picture number 5 : 220 degrees City Plus

Picture number 6 : 225 degrees Vienna

Picture number 7 : 230 degrees French

Picture number 8 : 235 degrees Italian



01 - 1024px-385_degrees_cinnamon_roast_coffee 196 02 - 1024px-400_degrees_new_england_roast_coffee 204

Coffee is known as one of the highest sources of carcinogens around, yet something as simple as NOT purchasing burnt coffee beans can drastically reduce this factor. Coffee, roasted to a dark profile like City Roast or City Plus can actually be extremely enjoyable. Certain coffees doesnt have to be roasted light to be fully enjoyable. Its just the way how coffee is processed. Bare in mind, dark roasted coffee doesnt mean strong coffee. I find most Singaporean actually do prefer their coffee medium to dark roast but light roasted coffee are the ones that actually gives you the characterisitic of the origin. While Medium roasted coffee gives you more body, less acidity and a more balanced cuppa. As for Dark roasted coffee? It gives you remarkable body, but subtle flavour or zero character of its origin.


You can drink coffee and significantly hurt your body or you can drink coffee and actually enjoy a beverage that adds healthful antioxidants and tastes amazing. The good news is you still can enjoy a well dark roasted coffee without ingesting cacinogenic substances into your body! By choosing your Coffee and Roaster wisely.


Coffee is a never ending journey for everyone. Make sure you find out more about the coffee or roaster before you make your next coffee purchase.

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