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Honduras l Beneficio Los Andes l Smallholders l Washed

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Farm: Various smallholder farmers

Varietal: Primarily Red Catuaí; also Lempira, Ecafe 90, Bourbon, Pacas, Pache & Typica

Processing: Fully washed & dried on covered patios or small African beds

Altitude: 1,500 to 1,600 metres above sea level

Owner: 37 smallholder farmers from Marcala

Town / City: Various

Region: Marcala


Cupping Notes

Overall: Halzenut, Apple juice, Cocoa powder


Honduras has lately been identified as a major coffee powerhouse on the world map.  Over the last 25 years, the country has risen to becoming the 3rd largest producer in Latin America. As of 2016, they are poised to accomplish even more, with coffee being hailed as a tool for economic development that ‘really works.’ The vast majority of the country’s producers are small holders. 70% of the farms in the country each owns a plot that does not exceed 2 hectares. As such, the potential of coffee to transform lives in Honduras lies in its most rural and remote areas. The one challenge is quality. Most of the coffee grown in the country fails to command prices significantly over the ‘C’ grade.

Only recently, almost all of Honduras’ production is aimed at the commercial market, and the country is considered a low-price commodity exporter. Throughout the 1990’s, while its Central American neighbors become known for producing high quality lots, Honduras gets left behind when it comes to specialty production. The country, without a doubt, has the growing conditions, - fertile soils, altitude and agreeable microclimates. The lack of human expertise as well as weak processing and quality control infrastructure has hence given Honduras a bad name.

This reputation is changing, in part due to quality driven projects such as this lot we purchased from Beneficio Los Andes Smallholders. Good coffee. Worthy of sampling.

honduras- mcm.jpg
honduras - white.jpg

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